Diploma of Hospitality Management SIT50422
Commercial Cookery & Hospitality
Diploma of Hospitality Management SIT50422
Qualification Overview
  • Qualification Name: Diploma of Hospitality Management
  • Qualification Code and Units of Competency: SIT50422
  • Duration: Within four weeks of receiving the required prior learning evidence.
This qualification reflects the role of exceptionally skilled senior professionals who leverage a wide spectrum of hospitality expertise in conjunction with managerial proficiencies and a robust understanding of the industry to orchestrate hospitality operations. They operate autonomously, hold accountability for team members, and make a variety of operational business judgments.

This qualification opens avenues for employment across diverse segments of the hospitality industry as a departmental or small business manager. Prospective employers encompass a range of establishments, including restaurants, hotels, motels, catering enterprises, clubs, pubs, cafés, and coffee shops. This qualification not only facilitates the development of a versatile skill set but also enables specialization in accommodation services, culinary arts, food and beverage, and gaming.

The proficiencies attained through this qualification must align with applicable Commonwealth and State/Territory regulations, Australian standards, and industry codes of conduct.

As of the current publication date, this qualification does not entail any mandatory occupational licenses, certifications, or specific legislative prerequisites.