Diploma of Engineering (Technical) MEM50222
Diploma of Engineering (Technical) MEM50222
Qualification Overview
  • Qualification Name: Diploma of Engineering (Technical)
  • Qualification Code and Units of Competency: MEM50222
  • Duration: Within four weeks of receiving the required prior learning evidence.
This qualification outlines the essential skills and knowledge required for individuals pursuing a career as an Engineering Technician within metal, engineering, manufacturing, and related industries.

The competencies associated with this qualification are designed to span a diverse spectrum of technical engineering disciplines, encompassing fields such as mechanical, mechatronics, manufacturing, maintenance, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, engineering drafting, and refrigeration and air conditioning within manufacturing, engineering, and affiliated sectors. This qualification offers a chance to cultivate theoretical knowledge and technical proficiencies either within a specific discipline or across a comprehensive array of technical practices and learning.