Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that allows individuals to have their existing knowledge, skills, and experience assessed and recognized for the purpose of obtaining formal qualifications, certifications, or credits. It acknowledges that learning can occur through various means, including work experience, self-study, volunteering, or informal training.
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    Get Qualified in 4 Easy Steps
    1.Free Skill Assessment
    Reach out to us and share your expertise with us. We will steer you in the direction of the appropriate certification tailored to your field.
    2. Portfolio
    Oz Qualify will lead you through the steps of creating a compilation of substantiating materials. This compilation may encompass international credentials, academic records, official documents, images and videos, instances of work or samples, endorsement letters, your present CV, and so on.
    3. Portfolio Review
    our partner registered training organization will review what you've gathered, the assessor evaluating your case might contact you if they need more proof. If there are things you're not so good at, the training organization might give you a teacher to help you get better, at no extra cost.
    4. Get Qualified
    If the evidence in your portfolio is sufficient, Congratulations, You are qualified.
    Why Choose Oz Qualify?
    Expert Partnerships
    We've collaborated with leading Registered Training Organisations that share our commitment to quality and integrity.
    Tailored Approach
    We recognize that no two journeys are alike. Our approach is personalized to your unique experiences.
    Guidance at Every Step
    Navigating the RPL process might seem daunting, but with Oz Qualify, you're never alone. Our supportive team is ready to guide you through each step, from gathering evidence to receiving your qualification.
    Our streamlined process is designed to save you time and effort. By assessing your prior learning.
    The qualifications you receive through our RTO partners hold the same value as those earned through traditional education pathways.
    5 Star Rating Based on 22 Reviews
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    Best and most trusted RPL qualifying centre. Highly recommended.

    Simon Faizi

    Thank you to Kerrar and the team at Oz qualify for helping me obtain my Certificate IV in Disability. They made the process so easy and smooth for me. I can not recommend them enough! Thank you again

    Maria Valahis

    The boys made it real easy and straight forward to help get my qualification in carpentry! They guide you step by step. Definitely will be recommending my friends!